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What time will the band arrive ?

How long does it take the band to set up ?
How long do the band play for ?

Can you also provide a DJ ?

How much does it cost to book the band ?
What is included in the fee ?
What is the band line-up ?
There is not a 2 hour gap between our afternoon function and the evening, can the band set up earlier ?

What happens before and between sets ?
Will the band play requests ?
What should I provide for the band members ?
How much room does the band need ?

Do I need to pay a deposit ?
What electrics need to be available ?
How long do the band need to clear away at the end of the evening ?
What time should the band start playing ?

Does the band have proper Public Liability Insurance ?

Is the band's equipment PAT tested ?
Are there any hidden fees such as VAT ?
I've just booked you - what happens next ?